Oh When the Saints….

You may have seen this sticker around town...

 Sticker design. 

I’m a huge fan of St.Patrick’s Athletic, and I designed this sticker as a bit of a laugh (it’s a reference to a reworked version of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ which Pats fans chant at opposing teams) but it’s a real thrill to see your design staring down at you from a lamp post in town when you least expect it. I was honoured when the S.E.I (St.Pat’s ultras group.  Google Shed End Invincibles and you’ll see what I’m on about) got this design printed up as a sticker. Along with dozens of other Irish football related stickers, it’s been plaguing Dublin streets for the past few weeks and months.  Long may it continue!


About lukefallon1929

Young spoofer living in Dublin. Interested in art of all kinds. Always looking for work.

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