Happy Birthday, Mr. Christ!

Enjoy yisser holliers, as they say in the wilderness of Dublin



‘Let Us Rise!’ piece from Occupy Dame Street which I assumed was in some skip is alive and well and living on Dame Street once more! Looking a bit rough but keeping tough.

Lugs Branigan

Less-than-half-finished version of an illustration of  famous/infamous Garda Jim ‘Lugs’ Branigan, a controversial character in Dublin’s history. The closest thing to a Dirty Harry Dublin has ever had, Lugs made a name for himself while taking on Dublin’s Animal Gangs (tribal groups of young lads from the city who made a Clockwork Orange look like a documentary) in the 1930’s.

Drawn for an article written by my brother Donal (of Come Here to Me fame) for Rabble Magazine issue 2, an excellent free magazine which will be available for free very shortly in spots around the city and beyond. Check it out to find out a bit more about this divisive character and to see the finished drawing.

Sketchbook Muck


Sketches from the wee months of this year. I’m sure there was a reason behind them.


Pages from a book which was finished in my head, but unfinished physically. Learned a good bit from doing it, but I lost interest and I stopped feeling connected to it.  I’ve posted these pages on my old blog but I want to have some pen-and-ink on the new page. Stopped working on another book about a year ago as well. Haven’t posted any of those pages but one or two are worth scanning up.

Currently working on two or three other long form ideas. Some pages done. Interest not lost in any (yet).